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My first assignment was with Stratagene in The Netherlands where I was hired to help out with an upcoming Social Security check. This assignment lasted 2 months and was mediated by PeopleDesk in Utrecht. I worked together with Priscilla Lewis (Finance Manager) and Tracey Williams (Operations Manager). 


During this time I worked on the following items.

    • I made preparations that would make the check running smoothly.
    • I changed procedures in booking the European salaries, so that it would be easier at a next check.
    • I discovered and reported a VAT problem that came up during my discussions with the sales team, this was handed over to VAT experts.
    • I also changed the filing system for the running year and gave advice on how to improve future filing.
    • I prepared a list with suggested improvements for the implementation of the new MIS that would start when I was gone.

More information on what Stratagene’s business is can be found at:

Stratagene’s comments on my performance during my assignment:

Kees joined us at a critical time and jumped straight in to the task at hand. His knowledge helped us get things sorted out and proved vital in ensuring that we didn’t pay more than we should have done to the authorities. We still work with the procedures he set up.

Not everything was plain sailing!
Kees can be stubborn and while this created a few tense moments, afterwards we realised that with the short time period that we had and the deadlines upon us, he would not have fulfilled his brief if he had not been.

I value Kees’s intelligence, knowledge and determinism and know he will be successful with his company.

Tracey Willams