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Financial Management Consultant Heerschop

Financial Management Consultant Heerschop is an expert in the set-up and implementation of Management Information Systems, and has a lot of experience with fiscal matters and (international) salary administrations.

FMCH is flexible and available 1 to 5 days a week, for 8 to 50 hours a week, for a period depending on the needs of the principal and the availability that is always viewable for the principal on this site.

FMCH is a responsible choice, due to the thorough preparations and the direct and open contact with the principal during and about the progress of the job, in a way that the principal can make the necessary adjustments if needed.

FMCH performs the job in accordance with principal's wishes and makes analysis during the work, that can lead to enhanced existing procedures with good possibilities on justifiable savings.

Administratieve Dienstverlening Financiele Dienstverlening Automatiserings Dienstverlening

eliminate arrears in financial administration.

solve problems with financial administration. 

set up financial and salary administration.

temporary replacement of Head of Administration, Controller or Salary Adminstrator.

preparation of returns for Wage tax, Social security, VAT, CBS and Corporate Income tax.

solve problems relating to Wage tax, Social security, VAT, CBS and Corporate Income tax.

analysing current Management Information System.

advise on improvement of current MIS.

compare and advise on other available MIS's.

implement and/or integrate new MIS.