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My second assignment was with QuadTech,Inc. in The Netherlands where I was hired to assure that Exact for Dos would be fully updated and reliable so that the upcoming system change to CODA/Maginus would be as easy as possible. This assignment lasted 8 months and was mediated by IP-X.  I worked together with Philip Bailey (European Controller), Frank Boon (Service Manager) and Annelies Schaafsma (Office Manager).


During this time I worked on the following items:

    • I updated Exact and kept it updated.
    • I reported monthly and yearly figures to US Headquarters.
    • I changed procedures related to the booking of the European salaries, so that it would be easier to be checked at year-end.
    • I assisted with the set-up of the VAT, Stock valuation, Main Equipment order input and the Client database for the new system.
    • I helped out on Corporate Income Tax problems on prior years and changed some procedures to prevent the problems from happening again.
    • I discussed future set-up and improvements that could be made in the way the company was structured in Europe, with the responsible people from the USA.
    • Next to this I advised on the change of salary bureau, the set-up of the salaries, the commission structure and the improvement of day-to-day accounting work.

More information on what QuadTech’s business is can be found at:

QuadTech’s comments on my performance during my assignment:

I have perceived Kees as a very motivated person who wants to bring matters to a good ending and is very result driven.

He is serious and works very accurately. He strives for getting quick and professional result, which sometimes can be confronting.

Our cooperation was good and he brought the given tasks to a good ending.

Frank Boon