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My fourth assignment was with Stichting Autoriteit Financiële Markten in Amsterdam where I was hired to assist with the implementation of AFAS-Profit and to document procedures and work instructions. This assignment lasted also 5,5 months and was mediated by Brunel Finance too.


For the successful implementation of the Finance part of Profit the following work was done:

    • Judging the capabilities of Profit-Finance.
    • Designing a complete new accounting scheme.
    • Translating the AFM wishes to the capabilities of Profit-Finance.
    • Setting up Profit-Finance in the best possible and effective way.
    • Testing of the set-up with data.
    • Training the people that needed to work with Profit-Finance.
    • Assisting with the conversion of old data into Profit-Finance.

Next to this I advised on the Profit-HRM implementation.

This was also an important part of the job as it was integrated with the Profit-Finance part of the system.

I worked together with Frits Brama (Manager F&A) and AFAS Consultants.

More information on what AFM‘s business is can be found at:

Frits Brama’s comments on my performance during my assignment:

During this project I found that Kees Heerschop was a very pleasant and professional person to work with.

He is capable to sort things out on his own and to get the job done.

If I would need extra capacity and expertise again, I would certainly request his assistance again.

Frits Brama
Manager F&A